A summer dream (Made by Runi)

Are you looking for a cute and quick dress for summer? The Summer dream by Made by Runi is perfect for this. It has the cutest sleeves, which our daughter loves!
The pattern has three different options. You can make a dress that flares out more including pockets, like I did. There is also a more A-line dress (the bottom part does not flare out as much) and there is a top you can make. All with the cute sleeves.
Sizing in Made by Runi patterns are great, starting at 80 (12M) all to 164 (14Y) and usually the women's version will follow soon, so you can do some twinning.
Fabric: digital print from Joyfits, which I bought last week during the klikosale, so a quick turnaround. 
PatternThe Summer dream (size 80-164) by Made by Runi

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