Monday, 29 July 2019

Swimsuits for the girls

I found a new joy, sewing swimsuits (see this swimsuit and this swimsuit which I sewed before). Our eldest swims every week so sewing a swimsuit will be used every week, not only during summer. But it all started when I wanted to sew a bikini bottom for our middle daughter. During summer our girls mostly wear UV shirts when they swim outside so they mostly need bikini bottoms. So I started looking for swim bottoms with a skirt attached, because of course our girls wanted skirts on their bikini bottoms.
Our middle daughter is very small in her hips so I had to find a bikini bottom that had a size 6M-9M hips size (without a diaper) and needed to have the option of a skirt. It took me quite some time. Either I did find a great looking bikini pattern but it started at 2Y or 12M and was still not the right size for our girl, or I did find a pattern with the right size but without the right options. In the end I found the Children's Mairin Swimsuit* by Sew a Little Seam and it exceeded all my expectations.
The Mairin Swimsuit starts at 3M and goes up all the way to 12Y. In the sizes 3M to 4Y you can choose between with or without diaper ease. I also love the vertical trunk size it uses in the pattern. Besides that it has a lot of options, and I love options in a pattern. For the top options you can choose between narrow strap or wide strap (there are 7 different options) and the pattern includes options like a one piece swimsuit, bikini top length or tankini top length and several strap options. For the bottoms you can choose between a boy short cut or bikini cut with a medium or high rise. Of course ruffles and peplums are also an option. 
I sewed the bikini cut medium rise bottom with a waist ruffle. I lengthened the waist ruffle with several centimeters because I know she loves a good skirt. What I also like about this bikini bottom is the elastic in the waist band it gives it a nice clean look and stays put during swimming.
Our eldest requested an official two piece bikini. I found the Girl's Tropical Getaway Swimsuit* by Ellie and Mac Patterns and loved the colour block on the bikini top. I loved the bottom of the Mairin Swimsuit and since the skirt of the Girl's Tropical Getaway Swimsuit is a separate piece I decided to combine the Top of the Girl's Tropical Getaway Swimsuit with the bottom of the Mairin Swimsuit for our eldest.
The top of the Girl's Tropical Getaway Swimsuit is an easy sew and is fully lined. I lengthened the top of the bikini to get a little bit more coverage (about 5 cm). Also with the fabric I used I thought it would come out nicer with a longer top. With the bikini bottom you can choose to fully line the pants or just use a lining in the crotch area. I chose for the latter as with the extra long skirt I though it wasn't really necessary to fully line the pants. 
I also lengthened the skirt of our eldest, but in the end I think it could be a bit shorter. I prefer the length of the skirt of our middle daughter.
Fabric: the swim fabric was a leftover from this swimsuit, I bought it at Lingeriestoffen.
PatternChildren's Mairin Swimsuit by Sew a Little Seam (there is also a women's Mairin Swimsuit)
Sizing: 3M - 12Y
OptionsOptions include wide or narrow straps in a variety of options (halter, cross back, v back, tie back, scoop back, shoulder tie), peplum skirt, waistband skirt, leg ruffles.
Difficulty: some options are a bit more difficult, but other than that it is pretty easy to sew.

Fabric: I bought the Astrokatze Gradient Spring (swim fabric) at OmaLie Stoffen
Pattern: Girl's Tropical Getaway Swimsuit by Ellie and Mac Patterns for the top and the Mairin Swimsuit for the bottom
Sizing: 12M - 14Y
Options: Rash guard, bikini top, bikini bottoms and a separate swim skirt.
Difficulty: for beginners, the options are pretty easy to sew.

# Fabric this week: 0 in - 3 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 62 - used 49 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 5 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 62 in 58 out
# Patterns in 2019: 14 in - 11 out (3 new patterns, 8 already owned unused patterns)

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