Sunday, 15 July 2018

Maternity sewing: review of the Givre Maternity top and dress

Versatile patterns are the best, don't you think? Especially with maternity patterns, which you can only use a limited amount of time. The Givre maternity dress/t-shirt by Deer and Doe, is such a pattern. You can make a top or dress with it, sleeveless or 3/4 sleeves and there is the color block option you can add or not. So you can make four different types of clothing with this one pattern. Additionally, there are two belly sizes, for 3-6 months and for 6-9 months pregnant. If you like the pattern but are not pregnant, they also have a regular version of the Givre dress/t-shirt.
I sewed up a t-shirt and a dress from this pattern. First up is the dress. I mixed and matched a bit between the different options. The color block option is part of the t-shirt. I love color blocking so I transferred it to the dress. In this photo I am 23 weeks pregnant. I sewed up the 6-9 months pregnant size so I would have room to grow in it.
Adaptations I made to the pattern: I added about two cm to the top part of the dress (see the added black triangle in the photo below). I found the dress to be quite tight around the chest area. I also used the neckline that is in between the neckline of the t-shirt (which is higher) and the neckline of the dress (which is lower). Lastly I did not wanted the skirt part to be too tight so I added about 2 cm extra seam allowance from the legs down and I left the skirt part longer so the length of the dress would be on my knees, instead of above it.
As it started to get colder after I sewed up the dress I also sewed up the t-shirt with 3/4 sleeves. In these photos I am 27 weeks pregnant. I wanted to compare the two different methods that are used for maternity sewing, either with clear elastic on the sides or by gathering on the sides. For the dress I used the clear elastic (as per instructions in the pattern) and for the t-shirt I used gathering. What I like about the gathering is that you can more easily control the spread of the gathering on the side. It was a bit more difficult with the type of fabric that I used. It is a knitted type of fabric and therefore was little holes in it. Gathering was a bit more tricky with this fabric. Using the clear elastic leads to a more stable result, but it is a bit of a hassle to sew the elastic in I find.
Adaptations I made to the pattern: I only added 1 cm seam allowance to the sides of the front and back of the t-shirt. I probably should have gone with one size larger. After these adaptation the shirt fitted great. I think it is a great pattern, from which you can make different outfits, so definitely worth the money.
Fabric for the dress: The blue fabric is Geometric Blue Black from Malo Swafing, which I bought at Stoffenfeest, just like the black fabric.
Fabric for the t-shirt: The red fabric is a knitted type of fabric, which I bought at my Italian fabric place. The black and white fabric is a leftover from this sweater, it is Commute by Limo knit print from Gramercy by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery fabrics, which I bought at Petit Couture.
Pattern: Givre Maternity dress/t-shirt by Deer and Doe

Fabric in 2018: this week 7 in - 4 out (2018: bought 36 - used 44 fabric - used 2 gifted fabric - used 5 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 36 in 51 out (I needed some fabric for my maternity sewing, I rarely buy large pieces of fabric, and there was a sale at Stoffenfeest. In the end 'only' 7 pieces of fabric ended up in my shopping chart).
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Friday, 29 June 2018

Honey Bee Swimsuit by Annelaine Patterns

Are you afraid of sewing a swimsuit? I kind of was, although I did see the potential of sewing your own swimsuit (well for our girls at least). So when I saw a tester call for a super cute swimsuit, I jumped on the challenge and applied.
The Honey Bee Swimsuit/Leotard* by Annelaine Patterns is a one piece swimsuit/leotard. What I love about the swimsuit are the straps on the back, although you can also omit these if you like (the straps will stay up). In total there are six straps, but you can add as many or few as you like. The fit of the swimsuit is perfect and comes in sizes 6M - 24M (babies) and 2 - 20. You can choose whether to sew in elastic in the arms or legs or add bands. Additionally, you can line the swimsuit or leotard or make an unlined version.
Since I did not have any swimsuit fabric at home, (so much fabric in my stash, but not any swimsuit fabric), meant I had to do some shopping. I sewed two during testing, but I am only showing you the final version at the moment. For this final version I used actual swimsuit fabric. For the first version I used lycra. There is definitely a difference when sewing lycra or swimsuit fabric. Lycra is not a favorite of mine.
I made a size 4 swimsuit and lined it with swimsuit lining. I think the swimsuit just looks nicer when it is lined and I hope that it will make the swimsuits last longer. I also used elastic in both the arms and legs. After sewing a swimsuit for the first time, I know I will make more in the future for sure. It is not as difficult as I expected and it is just great to create your own swimsuit. The only challenge is finding great swimsuit fabric.

The Honey Bee is now on sale until next Friday July 6th with a 40% discount, no code needed, for ($4.80).

Fabric: Swimsuit fabric from Lingeriestoffen (great store to buy all your swimsuit necessities, they only have a limited amount of swim fabric with print, but have all the elastic, lining and other haberdasheries you need for sewing swimsuits or bikinis). The pick lycra from the back comes from Karteris
Pattern: Honey Bee Swimsuit/Leotard by Annelaine Patterns

Fabric in 2018: this week 2 in - 2 out (2018: bought 29 - used 41 fabric - used 2 gifted fabric - used 4 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 29 in 47 out

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Spoxxy 2.0: maternity top!

Spoxxy 2.0. For those who know the Spoxxy top have been waiting for 2.0 since it has been retired. I loved the Spoxxy top by Stitch upon a time and it has been on my sewing list for a long time already. I was planning on sewing a maternity top, which I could take with me on the holidays. Then I saw the testers call for the Spoxxy top and dress 2.0, which was the perfect push to indeed finish it before we went on holiday.
During testing I made two tops. The first one I show is the final version of the top (although there were only minor changes in the pattern). IT has a relaxed fit and a quick sew, I sewed each top within the hour. What I also like about the pattern is the waist band. You don't need to worry that the top moves up and shows your belly. This is sometimes a problem with maternity tops, they may move up when you are moving and you don't notice it because there is usually a band underneath (which is then showing). 
The new Spoxxy top has a new feature, it includes a dress! I didn't have time to also sew a dress, but the tester pictures look great! Other than that, like the previous version it has a maternity option and a nursing option. It is just a perfect top for regular use, but especially since it also has the maternity and nursing option.
I am 32 weeks pregnant in these tops and there is still room to grow. The nursing top has an overlay, which you can pull up to nurse. Perfect for once the baby is born!
Fabric: For the first top I used two coupons I bought at Cares' Stoffen. I bought the yellow knit during the sale at Stoffenfeest. For the second top I used a piece of fabric that she gave to me during one of our sewing days, she sewed this dress from it. I bought the blue jersey at Textielstad.
Pattern: Spoxxy top and dress 2.0 by Stitch Upon A Time

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in 5 out (2018: bought 27 - used 39 fabric - used 2 gifted fabric - used 4 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 27 in 45 out

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

No limit dress - MW Crafts

Another easy to sew dress, which looks great! Everybody must know the Biker jacket by MW Crafts. But this is not the only pattern they have. They have several cute patterns and the No limit dress is one of them.
The No limit dress by MW Crafts is a dress pattern with lots of options, sleeveless, short sleeves, puffed short sleeves, long sleeves and puffed long sleeves. Additionally, it has a gathered skirt, a half circle skirt and a full circle skirt. Well I couldn't think of more options you could ask for. I made regular short sleeves and a half circle skirt. I have made a couple of circle skirts lately, so I wanted to do something else for this dress and gave the half circle skirt a try (it was the first time for me). I like that you do not need too much fabric for these half circle skirts and they still twirl nicely.
The patterns from MW Crafts also come in a large size range. The No limit dress comes in the sizes 74-170, which refers to the length of the kids you are sewing for. So size 74 refers to a length of 74 cm, which in US sizing means 9-12 Months. The size 170 refers to a length of 1 meter and 70 cm, in US sizing this means size 15. This dress is just a staple dress with lots of options and an easy sew which you can sew many sizes throughout the life of your girl. 
The girly fabric was a gifted piece of fabric from her. During our yearly sewing weekend she made this dress from it and I used her leftovers to create the top of this dress. I had enough fabric to make a regular back, but I did not like the placing of the girls on the back. Therefore I decided to cut the back in two pieces (and add seam allowance) to have four girls on the back of the dress. Our girl loves the fabric of course. The bottom was a fabric I once bought during a sale and I really feel matches the girly fabric perfectly.

Fabric: Gifted fabric and the stripes come from the Stoffenstraat
PatternNo limit dress by MW Crafts

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in 2 out (2018: bought 27 - used 35 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 4 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 27 in 40 out

Thursday, 14 June 2018

It's here: Solis dress for women by Sofilantjes

Who doesn't want that amazing dress that you have been sewing for your girls for yourself, I mean who wants the Solis tunic/dress for women* from Sofilantjes? Everybody right?! I was so excited when I saw the first Solis dress for women on Instagram.
I was afraid that I could not join testing of the Solis dress because of my pregnancy. I really badly wanted to join in. But the Solis for women, besides the circle skirt and pleated skirt also has an empire waist option. The empire waist starts just under the bust and has gathering in the middle of the skirt. So perfect for growing bellies like mine. Isn't that just perfect? It is just a great summer dress and I can wear it all the way till the end of my pregnancy. I am 30 weeks pregnant in the photos, so still about 10 weeks to go. 
Sale will run from Thursday 23.55 CET till Sunday 23.55 CET. The sale price is €5.60 exl tax (€6,77 incl. eu tax). After that the regular price of €12.10. So go get it while it is on sale!
Since I had some fabric left and the previous Solis that I sewed for our girl is too short by now I wanted to sew another Solis for our eldest. And it is a rather quick project after you have sewn one for yourself. Unfortunately, I did not have enough fabric to sew a circle skirt for our girl so I again sewed a pleated skirt. She loves it! Even without the circle skirt (pfew). 
If you also would like to make a mommy and me outfit and you don't own the girl's Solis Tunic and dress yet, you can buy it here (Nederlandse patroon).
It was my first time creating a mommy and me look with our girl and we both love it! It is just a great comfortable dress with an unique back. You just have to think about the bra that you are going to wear underneath it.
Fabric: The flower jersey of the dress comes from Karteris. The pink jersey was a coupon at Cares' Stoffen. The orange jersey comes from Stoffenstraat.
Pattern: Solis Tunic and Dress for Women (Nederlands patroon)
Solis Tunic and Dress for Girls (Nederlands patroon)

Fabric in 2018: this week 1 in 3 out (2018: bought 27 - used 34 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 3 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 27 in 38 out

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Jalie's Tessa (ballet dress)

Our eldest girl loves to dance and sing all day long. So a couple of years ago we started with dance lessons. I couldn't find a ballet suit with a short skirt (I am not in any way specific), so I decided to make one myself. Since that was already more than 1,5 years ago it was time to make a new one.
I have always been intrigued by the patterns by Jalie. If you are like me, who loves sports clothing, patterns by Jalie look awesome. However, how many ballet suits, skating dresses and other sports clothing do you need? Well, not so many that you can regularly buy patterns from Jalie. The best part about Jalie patterns is that once you buy a pattern the size ranges from children to adult sizes, all in one pattern. So either you can sew a pattern throughout the whole life of your children, or you can create a mommy and me outfit with the same pattern!
For this ballet suit I used the Tessa (3891, which is part of the 14 (!) new released patterns). It is a skating/ gymnastics type of leotard that can be made with or without a skirt. I of course went for the leotard with the skirt! This time I even went all the way by adding golden fabric (lycra) to the leotard. You can imagine how our girl responded to that. That golden fabric, wow, is it so beautiful! And my husband and our daughter especially love that extra piece of gold in the neckline, which gives the illusion of a v-neck. You can also use a transparent type of fabric for this triangular piece (or leave it out if you like).
At first I was a bit scared of sewing the Tessa together, but that was not necessary at all. It was the first time for me to sew in elastic in a leotard and it turned out pretty easy. I think it creates a very clean and nice look and I will definitely be using this technique more often.

Fabric: Pink tricot: Half circles from Let's circle around by Chat Chocolat which I bought during a sale at Stoffenfeest. The golden lycra comes from Caresstoffen.
Pattern: Tessa (Jalie 3891) by Jalie

Fabric in 2018: this week 4 in - 2 out (2018: bought 26 - used 31 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 3 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 26 in 35 out

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

LOL Swing Expansion

When I saw the testing call for the LOL Swing Top Expansion* by Jennuine Design I just had to apply (even though I was already involved in two other tests at that moment). I love the design of the LOL Swing Top and even more options were added! I already made a LOL Swing Top but hacked it slightly to make it into a dress for our youngest girl. I had some issues with my dress version, so it looks quite different from this dress. Also this time I made the LOL Swing Expansion for our youngest girl.
The LOL Swing expansion is an add-on to the original LOL Swing Top pattern. So you need the original pattern in order to be able to make the LOL Swing dress. There are several options that are included in the add-on: a pinafore top and a dress option and pockets are included! I made the dress option with pockets. It comes in sizes NB to 12Y. The top and the expansion are on sale for just $5 and $2 respectively, so go get it or both now!
The LOL Swing top and dress can be both made in woven and knit, which makes it a versatile pattern. I made my previous version in knit, but this time I used woven. I make so many knit dresses and tops, while I still have many pieces of woven fabric. For summer a breezy woven dress is just perfect. On the back of the dress I added my own label. One of my sewing friends gave me the label for my birthday and I have been using them since (if I don't forget to add them to a project). The color of the main fabric is just a perfect match with the color of my label.
Fabric: the main fabric is again a scrap I found on the exchange pile during our sewing weekend, the back yoke is colored windows in orange from Soft Cactus, which I bought during a sale at de stoffenstraat.
Pattern: LOL Swing Expansion by Jennuine Design

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 2 out (2018: bought 22 - used 29 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 3 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 22 in 33 out

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