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Our family in mini pals

A couple of years ago I made two mini pals for our two daugthers, one for our eldest and one for our middle daughter. After that my dad requested another one for himself (the one with the glasses). So I made one for him. And recently our daughters said that our youngest daughter didn't have one. So I made one for her and decided to also make one of my husband and myself. Have a look at our family in mini pals (pattern from Heidi and Finn). What I like about sewing the mini pals is that they can be personalised and they are perfect scrap busters. You might recognize some fabrics I have used from my previous projects. For the clothing I used woven fabrics. It is recommended to use woven fabrics for the mini pals, nevertheless, I like to use a little more structured fabrics for the hair. I have used fleece and some hairy type of fabrics from other projects or clothing. All our girls love to play with them and love that they represent our family. They are a great present for kids or jus…

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