Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The spirited dress by Candice Ayala Patterns in OT18

Summer sewing has started! When I saw the Spirited Dress, I though it would be perfect for our girl! That neckline, so beautiful and a skirt that twirls, that is what she loves! And indeed she loves the dress! 
The Spirited Dress* from One Thimble 18 has a Queen Anne neckline, a true royal dress with a royal neckline. For the bodice it is important to use a fabric which is stable enough but still has some stretch in order to show the beautiful neckline. I used sweat fabric and it turned out great! The dress does not have a closure at the back so our girl can put on the dress herself. The size range of the dress is 2 - 9 years. I sewed the 2 years and lengthened the dress to 4 years.
An extra bonus feature is the underpants that are also part of the pattern! How great is it that when your girls starts twirling they do not show their underwear but the matching underpants instead. Unfortunately I did not have the time to sew the pants, but I will for sure as they are perfect for our girl during summer. She prefers dresses and twirling in the dresses!
All girls have their own spirit (hence the name Spirited Dress), the spirit of our girl is definitely a fairy with all her flowers. The flowers of her skirt match her bright and bubbly personality (and love for flowers) and the fairy hat matches her love for fairytales and princesses and everything imaginary. She loves the dress!

Fabric: The bodice is made from sweat fabric that I bought in Italy, the skirt is jersey that comes from the exchange pile of our sewing weekend in October.
Pattern: The Spirited Dress by Candice Ayala Patterns exclusively sold in One Thimble 18

Fabric in 2018: 0 in - 2 out (bought 3 - used 2 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 1 scrap) - in total 3 in 4 out

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Vivax dress by Sofilantjes

I haven't been sewing too much the last couple of months. This also showed on the blog with fewer posts since the beginning of this year. Of course a new pattern test by Sofilantjes is a great way to get out of this sewing dip!
The new top and dress is called Vivax* (Nederlands patroon), which means lively, and is another great pattern. Of course it has several options as you are used to with patterns by Sofilantjes. I love the collar option, it looks awesome and is easy to put together. Use a bit of thicker fabric so that it stands up nicely. Great for using scraps! There is also a round collar option.
You know I love color blocking. This pattern has four sleeve lengths (short, half, 3/4 and long sleeves) and different options for color blocking so you can go all the way. I sewed the long sleeve with three pattern pieces, there is also the long sleeve option with two different pattern pieces. 
This dress is just another great pattern by Sofilantjes and is one of my favourites at the moment. The collar makes it different from other patterns and it is very versatile. You can use french terry (like I did) or sweat fabric for the dress to make a great winter dress from it. But also jersey would be suitable (just make sure you use a stable, good quality fabric for the collar) for a more spring time kind of dress.
So go get it now! It is on sale from Sunday February 25 (midnight) until Tuesday February 27 (midnight) for €5.00 exl tax (€6,05 incl. eu tax).
Something else you might have noticed is the sudden short hair of our girl. Well she decided that she wanted to try something with her hair and cut her hair herself. We were shocked to see how short she herself cut her hair. We definitely had to get used to the new look.

FabricFlower Circle French Terry from Nooteboom bought at Stoffenfeest, for the binding I used one from Inspinration's stash, which was a perfect match!
Pattern: Vivax top and dress by Sofilantjes

Fabric in 2018: 3 in - 2 out (bought 3 - used 1 main fabric - used 1 scrap) - in total 3 in 2 out

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Antalya dress in sweat and rib fabric

The next edition of our sewing weekend is already around the corner, but I haven't showed you the Antalya dress that I sewed during our last sewing weekend.
The Antalya dress from Willow & Co Patterns is designed by Olga from Coffee+Thread. It is a pattern that I already have for a very long time and have not sewed yet. When I was looking for patterns to sew up during our last sewing weekend I was looking for dresses that twirl, as these dresses make our daughter the happiest. I came across the Antalya dress, the perfect dress with a twirl skirt that would fit our daughters wishes. 
The Antalya dress is designed for woven fabric. However, as winter was approaching (in October when I was looking for patterns) I wanted to make the dress in sweat fabric so that our daughter could wear it during winter and still be nice and warm. So therefore I decided to bring my sweat fabrics with me during the sewing weekend and see what I could do.
In the exchange pile of fabric at our sewing weekend I found a really big piece of fabric of rib fabric with beautiful flowers on it. Since this fabric did not have any stretch in it and I wanted to make the dress without a zipper I used sweat fabric with stretch for the pattern pieces around the head.
After sewing this dress I still had some scraps left over, which I used for this jacket I showed you before. The dress is still a bit long, but since our girl is growing fast that won't be problem, maybe she can still wear it next winter.

Fabric: from my own stash and the exchange pile during our sewing weekend
Pattern: Antalya dress by Willow & Co Patterns/ Coffee+Thread
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