Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The spirited dress by Candice Ayala Patterns in OT18

Summer sewing has started! When I saw the Spirited Dress, I though it would be perfect for our girl! That neckline, so beautiful and a skirt that twirls, that is what she loves! And indeed she loves the dress! 
The Spirited Dress* from One Thimble 18 has a Queen Anne neckline, a true royal dress with a royal neckline. For the bodice it is important to use a fabric which is stable enough but still has some stretch in order to show the beautiful neckline. I used sweat fabric and it turned out great! The dress does not have a closure at the back so our girl can put on the dress herself. The size range of the dress is 2 - 9 years. I sewed the 2 years and lengthened the dress to 4 years.
An extra bonus feature is the underpants that are also part of the pattern! How great is it that when your girls starts twirling they do not show their underwear but the matching underpants instead. Unfortunately I did not have the time to sew the pants, but I will for sure as they are perfect for our girl during summer. She prefers dresses and twirling in the dresses!
All girls have their own spirit (hence the name Spirited Dress), the spirit of our girl is definitely a fairy with all her flowers. The flowers of her skirt match her bright and bubbly personality (and love for flowers) and the fairy hat matches her love for fairytales and princesses and everything imaginary. She loves the dress!

Fabric: The bodice is made from sweat fabric that I bought in Italy, the skirt is jersey that comes from the exchange pile of our sewing weekend in October.
Pattern: The Spirited Dress by Candice Ayala Patterns exclusively sold in One Thimble 18

Fabric in 2018: 0 in - 2 out (bought 3 - used 2 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 1 scrap) - in total 3 in 4 out

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