Thursday, 29 November 2018

Blitzen booties

If you are looking for great fitting booties that stay put on the feet of your baby, or on your girl's feet or on your feet, or on your husband's feet, the blitzen booties are what you are looking for. The Blitzen Booties* by Peek-a-Boo Patterns come in sizes 0 until 13 (European sizes 15 until 47). They are a great gift for Christmas for the whole family!
Our girl is unable to keep her socks on, during summer and fall it wasn't that such a problem, however now that winter has arrived, bare feet are a bit cold. The tester call for these blitzen booties came just at the right time. And these booties stay on! 
These booties are perfect for scraps. I used knit leftovers from this dress for the outside and I used fleece that I used for this stuffed toy for the inside of the booties. For the soles you can use toughtek or other antislip material if the person who is using them is actually walking. Our little girl doesn't, so I just used the same material for the sole as the outside of the booties. It is a rather quick sewing project, it took me about 1,5 hours for one pair.
Of course just one pair wasn't enough so I made another pair, this time with elastic in the heel of the bootie. This time I used leftover knit from this t-shirt for the outside and leftover fleece from this sweater for the inside. With the elastic they fit just perfectly and still stay put. I used kam snaps to close the booties, but you can also use velcro. We love the booties and she wears them every day and has nice warm feet.
Fabric: Leftover knit from several projects for the outside and fleece for the inside.

Fabric in 2018: this week 2 in - 4 out (2018: bought 61 - used 88 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 27 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 61 in 119 out

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Arja softshell coat and extra baby wearing add on

I made my first coat and it is a softshell coat! Already quite some time ago I saw the Arja Jacket at makerist and I put it on my sewing list. Only just a couple of months ago I finally bought it with the Muksu add on, which is an add on so that a baby in a baby carrier is also covered by the coat.
What I like so much about the Arja Coat are the different options it has. The Arja originally is a vest pattern, but there are also instructions if you want to make it in softshell (for free). So that is what I did and these tips are great. I made a softshell coat with a collar (there is also the option of a hood) and zippers in the pockets (you can also opt for a pocket without a zipper and with or without paspel). I of course love the fact that you can easily make a colour blocked coat with the different pattern pieces. By playing with different fabrics you can give it a different feel. There are also two different lengths in the pattern, I chose the long version, but you can easily adapt to your preferred length.
There are also different options for the baby add on pattern. You can make a collar and/or hood. I made the version with a collar and decided to make the hood detachable. I added kamsnaps to the bottom of the hood so you can take it off (as shown in the first picture). The hood of the baby add on also has a colour block option, isn't it great?!
Changes I made to the coat: 
  • I made the long version of the coat (there is also a short version) but I omitted the binding at the bottom of the coat.
  • I made enclosed cuffs (these are given as a suggestion in the pattern, but the instructions are given in a different (free) pattern). I love the enclosed cuffs, especially for coat no more cold arms!
Changes I made to the baby add on:
  • I did not line the hood for the baby (I only lined the middle piece of the hood with the cord inside)
  • I used the collar and the hood option
  • I added snaps to the hood so that the baby hood can be taken off
  • I made the baby part smaller, we have a tiny little baby
  • Originally the baby part consists of three parts in order make it more curved. I omitted the middle part and made the part that consists of binding as long as needed.
  • The cord in the neck of the baby add on is supposed to only have two holes, however I added two more holes so that I can easily adapt the width of the baby add on so that it fits nicely around the neck of the baby.
Fabric: Softshell. All softshell comes from Textielstad.
Pattern: Arja Jacket and Muksu (baby add-on) by Naahgluck by Sophie Kaariainen

Digital pattern challenge: I participate in the pdf pattern challenge (set up by Mamarieketo sew 8 pdf patterns in September until December of the pile of patterns that I have bought but did not sew yet (I exclude pattern tests and pattern that I have received, so I only include the pdfs that I have bought myself). In September I sewed 3 pdf patterns. This is the first pattern that I sewed in October that I sewed from my bought patterns. I thus sewed 4 out of 8 patterns so far.

Digital Pattern Challenge patterns so far:
1) Access and accessibility t-shirt: a t-shirt with nursing access
2) Wendybird dresses: two lovely dresses for both our girls
3) Nivalis dress: I hacked a nivalis dress to have nursing access
4) Arja Softshell Coat

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 4 out (2018: bought 59 - used 88 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 23 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 59 in 115 out

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Starry Night PJs by Sofiona Designs

Our girl loves dresses. She wants to wear dresses all time, which means day and night! Nightgowns are thus a must! Sofiona Designs released besides the Railway Joggers and two other patterns also the Starry Night PJs
Although we are moving into winter season I loved the design of this pattern and wanted to test the pattern. I love the racer back and the loose fit. There is also a t-shirt version included with PJ pants in long, 3/4 or short pants. Of course the ruffle can also be omitted. If you love the designs by Sofiona Designs as much as I do go over to the Facebook group to stay tuned in what is coming next and see the other patterns that have been released.
It is quite a quick sew, however making photos of PJs was a new challenge. Of course you can go outside, however, as I said the weather is getting colder, so that was not an option. I really feel that with PJs the surrounding do matter in the photo, so I wanted to use the bedroom in the photo. But sitting on a bed does not really show off the dress, after some options we got a couple of shots that were ok. Some of the other testers showed great photos and gave me some inspiration for a photoshoot for a nightgown in the future.
Fabric: The fabric with strips comes from Italy and the other fabric is a leftover.

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 2 out (2018: bought 59 - used 87 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 23 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 59 in 114 out

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Diamonds and kangaroos are a girl's best friend

A lot of people already know the Dia Sweater by Misusu. It is a sweater with a great diamond in the middle of the sweater. Now it has been updated! In addition to the children sizes there is also a women's version of the sweater. Also the sizes have been extended (80-164 which is 9-12M - 13-14Y) and a tunic version has been added. The pattern has lots of options. You can make a regular sweater, high low sweater, regular tunic and high low tunic.
During testing I made two different versions for our middle girl. First I made the tunic (or dress version in the case of small girl) because I just love sewing dresses. I used different colours to highlight the different pattern pieces. For the diamond I used glitter sweat, which of course is very much appreciated by our girl. I love how the different pattern pieces are great for colour blocking. However, if you are not so much into colour blocking have a look at my tunic, where I did not go bold on colour blocking.
For the second version I made the high low sweater. There were very creative ideas in the tester group and one of the testers made a version with an animal face. This got me inspired and I wanted to try something similar. I added an extra element of actual ears! I just cut two animal ears and folded them and added them when sewing the last front pattern piece.
At first I was aiming for a giraffe, however my husband said it looked more like a kangaroo. So I went with a kangaroo in the end and didn't add the spots of the giraffe. Our girl of course doesn't care which animal it is, she just loves the sweater with the ears!
Fabric: All fabric is sweat fabric, which either comes from Italy or from Micha's Stoffecke. The glitter sweat was a leftover from this jacket. The giraffe is made of wool fabric from a dress for myself that did not make it to my blog yet. I bought the wool fabric at Hoofs.

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 8 out (2018: bought 59 - used 86 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 22 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 59 in 112 out

Friday, 16 November 2018

Railway Joggers by Sofiona Designs

Sometimes, I am so sad that our eldest doesn't want to wear pants. This makes that I do not sew many pants for her. She is the only one in our household who fits in clothing that starts at 2Y. Our middle daughter, although she is 3, still falls in the 12-18M size range with her chest and hips. Of course she is also a big fan of dresses, however, she can be persuaded to wear pants. Nevertheless, when I saw a tester call for these joggers, I just had to apply!
The Railway Joggers by Sofiona Designs are unisex pants that can be made with different options. I of course made the pants with the most colour blocking, but you can also make the pants with one front panel (without the pleats) or just in one fabric. I love the pleats, the pleats are why they are called railway joggers. They look like railway tracks.
Sofiona Designs is a new Canadian pattern designer duo that is releasing four new patterns at once. The Railway Joggers are one of them. I sewed another one of the patterns, which you will see later, but all patterns are great patterns that are well drafted. In a couple of months more patterns are coming, so Sofiona Designs is definitely a company you should keep an eye out for. There is a sale going on with 30% discount until November 25th.
Fabric: the orange and pink sweat fabric comes from Micha's Stoffecke. The flower sweat is again a piece from the exchange pile from one of our sewing weekends.
Pattern: Railway Joggers by Sofiona Designs
Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 3 out (2018: bought 59 - used 81 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 19 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 59 in 104 out

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Colour block sweater: the Fuzzle sweater

Finding the perfect fabric combination is what takes the most time in the sewing process (in my case at least), but it is also what I love the most about sewing my own garments. With colour blocking I always try to squeeze in as many different fabric as possible (that still looks nice of course). In the German sewing community there is a lot of colour blocking, so I love German patterns. The only challenge with German sewing patterns is the language barrier. For us as Dutch that language barrier is not that big, as the German language is close to the Dutch language. Still German sewing language is a whole different game.
The newest German sweater in town is the Fuzzle Hoodie by Fusselfreies. Important with patterns in foreign languages are the photos. And the photo instructions are great and easy to follow! It comes in sizes 86-152 (which refers to the length of your kid) and has a long and a short version. I made the short version of the sweater.
The stripes in the front of the sweater make that you can vary a lot with colour blocking. You can make four different stripes, but you can also combine the stripes and just sew 2 stripes for example. 
I love the collar and fold over bottom of the sweater. There is also a hood included in the pattern and a regular bottom band. So many options!
Due to the loose fit the sweater it is great for sweat fabric. The oker fabric with the bears mostly has vertical stretch and not so much horizontal stretch therefore I found it difficult to use it. But for this sweater it is great.
FabricHugo Mustard Bears Arrows Sweat by Swafing which I bought at stoffenfeest

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 3 out (2018: bought 59 - used 79 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 18 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 59 in 101 out

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Asymmetrical Floreat top

I love asymmetrical patterns. Once I see one I just have to buy it. When I saw the Floreat by Megan Nielsen I just had to apply for the pattern test, I love the asymmetry in the pattern.
Floreat is an asymmetrical dress or blouse that can be made from woven or knit fabrics. It has inseam pockets as well as multiple sleeve and hem lengths. There are four different options in the pattern: a long sleeve dress with waist ties, a long sleeve blouse (this is the option I made), a short sleeved cropped blouse and a sleeveless blouse or dress.
I made option B in knit fabric, so the back is just one piece without the hook and eye. I love the versatility of the pattern. You can just buy one pattern and make so many different garments from it, both in woven and in knit fabric. The fit is spot on and I love the drape of the t-shirt, especially with a post partum belly it is great. The t-shirt is nice and flowy on the front and the asymmetrical hem just add that something extra.
You know I love colour blocking, so I decided to add a little colour block to the Floreat. I added a small stripe of fabric at the back of the t-shirt, which gives it a nice pop of colour. I am very happy with the result!
Fabric: let's circle around jersey copper by chat chocolat that I bought at Stoffenfeest during a sale
Pattern: Floreat by Megan Nielsen Patterns

Fabric in 2018: this week in 0 - 2 out (2018: bought 59 - used 76 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 18 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 59 in 98 out
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