Wednesday, 20 June 2018

No limit dress - MW Crafts

Another easy to sew dress, which looks great! Everybody must know the Biker jacket by MW Crafts. But this is not the only pattern they have. They have several cute patterns and the No limit dress is one of them.
The No limit dress by MW Crafts is a dress pattern with lots of options, sleeveless, short sleeves, puffed short sleeves, long sleeves and puffed long sleeves. Additionally, it has a gathered skirt, a half circle skirt and a full circle skirt. Well I couldn't think of more options you could ask for. I made regular short sleeves and a half circle skirt. I have made a couple of circle skirts lately, so I wanted to do something else for this dress and gave the half circle skirt a try (it was the first time for me). I like that you do not need too much fabric for these half circle skirts and they still twirl nicely.
The patterns from MW Crafts also come in a large size range. The No limit dress comes in the sizes 74-170, which refers to the length of the kids you are sewing for. So size 74 refers to a length of 74 cm, which in US sizing means 9-12 Months. The size 170 refers to a length of 1 meter and 70 cm, in US sizing this means size 15. This dress is just a staple dress with lots of options and an easy sew which you can sew many sizes throughout the life of your girl. 
The girly fabric was a gifted piece of fabric from her. During our yearly sewing weekend she made this dress from it and I used her leftovers to create the top of this dress. I had enough fabric to make a regular back, but I did not like the placing of the girls on the back. Therefore I decided to cut the back in two pieces (and add seam allowance) to have four girls on the back of the dress. Our girl loves the fabric of course. The bottom was a fabric I once bought during a sale and I really feel matches the girly fabric perfectly.

Fabric: Gifted fabric and the stripes come from the Stoffenstraat
PatternNo limit dress by MW Crafts

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in 2 out (2018: bought 27 - used 35 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 4 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 27 in 40 out


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