Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Our girl is a dress kind a girl, not only during the day, but also at night. Imagine, when you are dreaming, you want to wear a dress and not pants right?! So when I saw a pattern test for a nightgown I jumped on the tester call so I could make a nightgown for our girl. It is the Sweet Dreams Nightgown* by Mamma Can Do It. It includes sizes 3T to 16! There is also a Baby Sweet Dreams Nightgown starting at new born size.
The next step was picking out fabric. Again I used a piece of fabric from our exchange pile during our sewing weekend. It was again a piece of fabric from Davina from Woohoo by Davina. She also made a dress with it. I took it home because I knew our girl would be over the moon about the fabric. Me, I was not the biggest fan, a bit too much for me. But then I was searching for fabric for a nightgown and I found this piece of fabric again, a match made in heaven I would say. Of course, now I love how the pattern matches the fabric!
Then when I started cutting I saw that I would not have enough fabric to cut the back part or even the sleeves from the scrap piece I had. I started searching in my stash again but this piece of fabric was just meant to be for the nightgown. So I had to be a bit creative to get the front and back pieces of the nightgown. Can you tell what I did?
The pattern is an easy sew and fits our girl perfectly, what can I say, I did not have to change anything.
Fabric: fabric from our exchange pile during our sewing weekend by Davina she bought it at Droomstoffen.
Pattern: Sweet Dreams Nightgown by Mamma Can Do It

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