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Petite Stitchery Blog tour: Lulu Dolman

Another blog tour! This time for myself, the women's Layne Dolman by Petite Stitchery*. It is a dolman sweater with a high-low hem. It is an easy sew and looks so nice with the high-low hem.
I sewed the Lulu Dolman in sweat fabric. Unintentionally I had to hack the sweater a bit. I was stubborn when picking out my fabric, I loved the red color of the sweat fabric in my stash. The pattern suggested more stretch and I ignored that and ended up with too tight sleeves. Therefore, I decided to add a piece of fabric between the front and back pieces. 

I made a Medium and graded to a Small for my chest, it is a perfect fit. Due to my height I also shortened the sweater with one inch. I would not change anything next time! The Lulu Dolman is on sale through Sunday for $7. 

I used the same fabric for the cuffs, the extra fabric and the neck binding. It is called Bulbs from the Playtime collection from See You At Six fabric. Lovely isn't it? Again it was a leftover from our sewing weekend. This piece of fabric was leftover from Davina from Woohoo by Davina. After a t-shirt, just a small piece was left. Just the perfect pieces for the small pieces for the neck binding and extra fabric on the sleeves. Because I wanted to show the light bulbs I used a different method of binding than described in the pattern. I just sewed the binding with my serger to the inside and topstitched it with my coverlock.
Fabric: sweat fabric from megastoffen and Bulbs in French Terry from See You At Six
Pattern: Layne Dolman by Petite Stitchery
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  1. Oh the unintentional hack is great! It gives it another pop of color!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for inviting me for the blog tour. Loved it!

  3. I love it. Isn't it great that we have so much freedom with our sewing?

    1. I love to hack, especially if they occur in an organic, unintentional way and they turn out even better than expected!

  4. Your unintentional stripe looks perfect! Love your top!

  5. Nice! Great hack, I never would've known it was to fix a problem. Love your color combination, too!

  6. Super leuk gedaan, leuker met hack dan zonder,perfect gebruik van je restje!!!

  7. Wauw! Dit is een superleuke trui. Wil.ik.hebben!

  8. Wow die is echt leuk! Ik wist niet dat je die restjes nog had meegenomen. :D Merci voor de credits in elk geval!

    1. Super leuk stofje en het perfecte restje, altijd fijn die restjes stapel!


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