Monday, 24 July 2017

Buttons, buttons and more buttons in the latona dress

A couple of months ago I sewed the Latona Dress for kids for our eldest. I just loved the dress and specifically the amazing back with all those buttons. I also wanted one for myself! A couple of months later Steph from The Eli Monster designed the Latona Dress for women*. I would have loved to participate in the test of the dress, but we were busy with our wedding preparations and I sewed the outfits for both our girls so I did not have time to participate in the test. So when the dress came out I bought it right away and put it on my sewing list.
After I bought the pattern it was time to choose the fabric. I do not own too many large pieces of woven fabric and therefore didn't find the perfect match for the dress in my own stash. I went to Hoofs to buy the fabric. The grey fabric is square white/grey - B*inspired by Poppy.
The dress was finished pretty quickly after I put it on my sewing list. I wanted it to be finished before summer so I could wear it during the hot weather. All in all the dress is a pretty quick sew, the only time consuming activity are all those buttons. For the girl's dress I sewed 14 buttons and buttonholes. The back of the Latona Dress for women is fake, how would you dress yourself with those buttons...? So it is not necessary to sew the buttonholes, I did add the buttonholes to make the look complete. So for my own dress I sewed 22 buttonholes and 22 buttons. There is a zipper in the side of the dress to put the dress on.

The only thing that took some time was getting pictures. It is always difficult to make pictures of my own garments because I need somebody else to make the photos and the weather should cooperate as well. In Italy the surroundings are just beautiful and are perfect for the dress.
And did you see the pockets? A dress is perfect with pockets! The fit is perfect, I did not change anything. Well except that I added some color blocking to the bottom of the dress.
FabricThe grey fabric is square white/grey - B*inspired by Poppy.

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  1. Wat een mooie kleurencombinatie, Aukje! En de pasvorm is precies heel goed! En dan die achterkant! Zo mooi! XXX

    1. Dank je wel! Het is echt mijn favoriete jurk op dit moment!


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