Friday, 25 August 2017

Free Sideswipeskirt - Duck Butt Designs

Sometimes you have these designers, which patterns you just love! Duck Butt Designs is one of those designers for me. I just love all of their color blocking! I have applied for every test they had the last couple of months. And last week I was chosen to be a tester. I was over the moon to test for Duck Butt Designs!
The skirt that was being tested was the Sideswipe Skirt (3M-12Y), which is part of the other Sideswipe patterns. Only this pattern is for free, for one week only! Join the DBD Facebook group for the code. The Sideswipe patterns have the look of colorblocking but do not have any extra seams than regular patterns. It is such an innovative idea! I really like it! 
It is an asymmetrical design with only one pocket on one side. I really like clothing that can pull of asymmetry. This skirt is just perfect and fits very well, even over a cloth diaper. The great part of the skirt is that you can make it in knit/jersey or in woven. 
I tested the 9M skirt for our almost 2 year old. It is an such a quick and easy sew and it has pockets! Even our youngest starts looking for pockets when she has new clothes on. You can choose between a yoga, fold over or elastic waistband and there are two different lengths of the skirt. I made the yoga waistband and the longer skirt. So our youngest can wear it during all of winter. I made a 9M with a 18M length.

Fabric: Poppy Flower by Lillestoff and some leftovers from other projects
Pattern: Join the DBD Facebook group to get the Sideswipe Skirt by Duck Butt Designs for free, for one week only!

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