Thursday, 15 June 2017

Tea Party Dress & Chloe Cardigan- wedding outfit II

This is the second post about the wedding outfit for our daughters. You can read about the wedding outfit for our eldest in a previous postIn this post I will show you the outfit I made for our youngest. I sewed every garment she wore during our wedding days (we got married on two days, which is great as I got to wear my dress twice :)).
Photo by Mon et Mine
I started off with the Baby Tea Party Dress (sizes Preemie to 3 years) by Tadah Patterns. During our sewing weekend I sewed the trial dress for our youngest. I sewed the simple round neck on the front and the classic back with cap sleeves. I sewed the 3-6 months size as our little girl (more than 1 year old) still falls in this size with her 47 cm chest. It was a quick sew as the dress consists of only 3 pattern pieces. The bottom part of the dress is easy to cut by measurements given in the pattern. 
When I got home after the weekend and put it on I did not like the height of the waistline as much. Due to the fact that it is a baby pattern the waistline is higher up to have some room for a baby belly. However, I did not like that. I did like the cap sleeves on the dress. Therefore I decided to make the Tea Party Dress by Tadah Patterns (sizes 12 months - 8 years), which has a lower, more natural, waistline. I used the smallest size with the round neck on the front and the classic back with buttons and cap sleeves.
In order to mirror the dress of our eldest girl I adapted the Tea Party Dress by applying the same design (similar pattern pieces) of the Azure Party Dress by Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns, for the front and the back of the dress. So I cut the original Tea Party Dress pattern pieces in several pieces so that both dresses would look very similar.
I bought all the fabric at Cares Stoffen in Wijchen, which has quite a variety of fabric. The bottom part is just a regular cotton and the bright pink and orange fabrics were actually on sale. The soft pink part in the middle is a part of my wedding dress. It had to be shortened and I got to keep the leftovers. 

The cardigan is the Baby Chloe Cardigan (sizes newborn to 18 months) by Bubby and Me Creations. I really like the cardigan and I will definitely use the pattern again (so I will have to buy the regular Chloe Cardigan that has the size range 18 months to 10 years). The cardigan just looks so cute on her. It is quite an easy sew. You have to do some gathering (I did a lot of gathering for the wedding outfits), but other than that you can put it together quite quickly. I left off the collar, I think the dress was enough by itself and didn't need another distraction. 
Photo by Mon et Mine
You might have noticed the amazing photos of the dresses that were made during our wedding days. We had great photographers during our wedding days. Selected pictures on my blog were made by Hermine and Ramon from Mon et Mine.
Patterns that I used for her outfit:
* romper - Super Suit Set by Flosstyle
* Tea Party Dress by Tadah Patterns
* Baby Chloe Cardigan and Pants Pattern by Bubby and Me Creations
Fabric: Fabric for the dress is from Cares Stoffen, the grey french terry comes from Madeline de Stoffenmadam
Photos: By Mon et Mine (

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