Saturday, 22 April 2017

Mantica Dress by Sofilantjes

The Mantica Tunic and Dress by Sofilantjes* is here! (Also the Dutch pattern is available) You might think did I not just recently see a new pattern from Sofilantjes? Indeed, the Sylva Top and Tunic was just released a couple of weeks ago. Anne (the designer of Sofilantjes) is on a roll. The Mantica Dress is a dress with an awesome back detail. As you might know all patterns by Sofilantjes have latin names. Mantica means backpack in latin.
I think the back is great, there are actually 3 different back options. Those who love colour blocking can go all the way with this dress. With the first option the back is divided in two pieces, the upper part and the lower part. I made this option, so scroll down to see pictures of this option. With the second option the upper back detail is extended in the lower part, so that you see a vertical line in the back. For the last option the back is made of one piece. You can sew many dresses with different back details.
Additionally, there are different options for the skirt. You can make a short dress, a gathered skirt on tunic length and a gathered skirt with dress length. So the Mantica Tunic and Dress is a pattern with many many options. I love those patterns, because you can use it for different types of dresses. I don't like to make a pattern twice, unless there are different options. How often do you use a pattern?
Every time I am amazed how Anne from Sofilantjes comes up with again a new pattern that is different and looks amazing! This dress again has a new detail and is easily put together. Just be careful when you attach the front straps to the back straps that nothing is turned when you are done. It almost happened to me...
I had the tree fabric already in my stash for almost 3 years. I am doing well in sewing those pieces of fabric that I already have for some time and making room for some new fabrics ;). My daughter just loves the dress and it is already packed for our holiday to Italy, hopefully it is warm enough so she can wear it. It is definitely a new favorite!
Fabric: Nooteboom (I think) which I bought almost 3 years ago
Pattern: Mantica Tunic and Dress by Sofilantjes

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  1. Zo'n heerlijk jurkje en wat is ze toch een dotje om te zien.

  2. Prachtige jurk!
    Heb het patroon ook aangekocht, binnenkort toch eens werk van maken om er eentje te maken :-)

    1. Het is perfect voor als het weer beter wordt, maar gaat ook prima met een T-shirt eronder of een vestje erover. Het is echt een favoriet hier. Ben benieuwd naar jouw exemplaar!

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