Thursday, 26 January 2017

Kid's scrundlewear - underwear

When I started sewing I never imagined sewing underwear or pyjama's. You can easily find these in a store and they are also very cheap. However, the benefit of sewing clothing is that you can adapt all the clothing to your own needs.

When our eldest started with potty training she was pretty skinny and small so the store bought underwear didn't really fit her. Enter homemade underwear. She really loved the homemade underwear. The joy she gets out of choosing one of the colourful pieces of underwear is enough for me, plus I think the underwear are one of the most worn pieces I have sewn.

For this batch I used the Kid's scrundlewear from Stitch Upon a Time. It just fits perfect. I used knit jersey for both the underwear as for the binding. 
For the first batch of underwear I combined the Van Katoen underwear pattern (free Dutch pattern with lots of pics) with the Tooshies from Flosstyle because I wanted binding on the underwear so that the underwear would stay put. I changed quite some elements in the previous batch therefore I started to look for a new pattern and came across the scrundlewear pattern. I really like this pattern.

Pattern: Scrundlewear from Stitch Upon A Time

Fabric: most fabric comes from

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