Double gauze jumpsuit from Ottobre

When I first saw the jumpsuit (Sloppy) in the Ottobre 3/2018 I wanted to sew it up. So the Ottobre was on my sewing table for a long time to sew it up. I wanted to sew it up before summer. But it didn't happen last year. Since sizing goes up to 92 I had to sew it up this year or our girl wouldn't fit it anymore. And it was a great way to use the double gauze (or tetra fabric) that I already have for some years.
I used a longer length because of the cloth diapers we use and I feel the crotch is always the area where a jumpsuit becomes too small too quickly. The jumpsuit has a sloppy feel (hence the name I assume), so it has a dropped crotch. The top part of the jumpsuit is lined. I made a knot at the end of the shoulder bands and will leave them there during a diaper change. There is enough room to get it on and off without having to take the knot out.
I hemmed the legs, but it is still a bit too long, so I fold the legs until she grows out of it. Don't babies look cute in jumpsuits? More jumpsuit for our little girl will follow on the blog, hopefully soon.
Fabric: Double gauze (tetra fabric) from Caresstoffen
Pattern: Sloppy from Ottobre 3/2018
Sizing: 62-92
Options: with or without pockets
Sewing time: 2 hours

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