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Buttons, buttons and more buttons in the latona dress

A couple of months ago I sewed the Latona Dress for kids for our eldest. I just loved the dress and specifically the amazing back with all those buttons. I also wanted one for myself! A couple of months later Steph from The Eli Monster designed the Latona Dress for women*. I would have loved to participate in the test of the dress, but we were busy with our wedding preparations and I sewed the outfits for both our girls so I did not have time to participate in the test. So when the dress came out I bought it right away and put it on my sewing list.
After I bought the pattern it was time to choose the fabric. I do not own too many large pieces of woven fabric and therefore didn't find the perfect match for the dress in my own stash. I went to Hoofs to buy the fabric. The grey fabric is square white/grey - B*inspired by Poppy.
The dress was finished pretty quickly after I put it on my sewing list. I wanted it to be finished before summer so I could wear it during the hot weather. All …

Montis Tunic and Dress Release

The summer dresses (and tunic) patterns by Sofilantjes* are always a hit in our house. So is the new Montis Dress (also available in Dutch) that I made during testing. My husband thinks it is the best thing I ever sewed. Since my husband is always my most critical audience, that definitely says something. And of course my daughter has been wearing it since I finished it. It has a twirl, it has nice chameleons on it, it has pockets, what else does a girl want!
Montis, the name of the pattern, is latin for mountain as the dress looks like a mountain. The Montis Tunic and Dress (12M - 14 years) has two options for the top. The first option has three straps on the back and is lined. The second option has just one strap in the front and the back and is not lined, which is perfect for hot weather. The front and back of both options look the same. You can make the dress with tunic length or dress length. 
I made the second option with just one strap. As always with the Sofilantjes patterns, th…

Firecracker (maxi) Dress

There is a new pattern in town, perfect for summer! The Firecracker Dress* by Annelaine Patterns. I made two versions during testing, one with dress length and one with maxi length. Our daughter loves the maxi dress, she feels so grown up in it. Even though I don’t own a maxi dress… The Firecracker Cress by Annelaine Patterns (9M-14) is a dress pattern that is released for the 4th of July celebrations. Here in the Netherlands it is just a regular day. The dress is an easy sew up with a lovely back detail. The best part is that our daughter can dress herself in it. Because of the crossed straps, she can step into and out of the dress herself. She cannot put things over her own head yet. But this dress she can put on herself. Yeay for girls who want to do everything themselves! The first dress I am showing is the final version of the pattern. I bought the fabric in Italy and when I showed it to our eldest, she didn’t like it at all. It think because of the black color. Because of the flow…