Sunday, 19 November 2017

Recycling two of one kind

Ok I promise, this is the last summer clothing I will show you this year. I wish it was still summer, don't you? 
New environments can give you new inspiration. We were in Italy on holiday and it was hot, very hot and there were many mosquitoes in the evening. So a thin pair of trousers would be ideal for our holiday. In the stores here in Italy I saw many trousers made of 100% viscose. This type of fabric would be ideal, nice and flowy and very thin. Of course I could not find any of these type of trousers in kid sizes, only in women sizes. So when I spotted a pair of trousers on sale I bought it and from this pair of trousers I sewed two trousers for both girls.
For both girls I traced a pair of trousers that fitted well. I wanted to use as much as possible from the fabric I had so I left the side seam as it was and I also used the elastic waist in the trousers. As the trousers was a size small, in Italy that means, very small, I only had to trim the sides slightly to get to the right size. 
Fabric: I made two pairs of trousers from one XL pair of store bought trousers
Pattern: I traced two well fitting trousers

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Petite Stitchery Blog tour: Lulu Dolman

Another blog tour! This time for myself, the women's Lulu Dolman by Petite Stitchery & Co*. It is a dolman sweater with a high-low hem. It is an easy sew and looks so nice with the high-low hem.
I sewed the Lulu Dolman in sweat fabric. Unintentionally I had to hack the sweater a bit. I was stubborn when picking out my fabric, I loved the red color of the sweat fabric in my stash. The pattern suggested more stretch and I ignored that and ended up with too tight sleeves. Therefore, I decided to add a piece of fabric between the front and back pieces. 

I made a Medium and graded to a Small for my chest, it is a perfect fit. Due to my height I also shortened the sweater with one inch. I would not change anything next time! The Lulu Dolman is on sale through Sunday for $7. 

I used the same fabric for the cuffs, the extra fabric and the neck binding. It is called Bulbs from the Playtime collection from See You At Six fabric. Lovely isn't it? Again it was a leftover from our sewing weekend. This piece of fabric was leftover from Davina from Woohoo by Davina. After a t-shirt, just a small piece was left. Just the perfect pieces for the small pieces for the neck binding and extra fabric on the sleeves. Because I wanted to show the light bulbs I used a different method of binding than described in the pattern. I just sewed the binding with my serger to the inside and topstitched it with my coverlock.
Fabric: sweat fabric from megastoffen and Bulbs in French Terry from See You At Six
Pattern: Lulu Dolman by Petite Stitchery & Co
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Sunday, 12 November 2017

One Thimble 17: Big Day Out Jacket

I just love blog tours! It is so nice to see the different perspective of different sewers on the same projects. The One Thimble Magazine* is a great way to bet to know different designers in one magazine. For me this was my first time sewing something from One Thimble. Although I have sewed a pattern that was part of a previous version from One Thimble (Orbis Sinny Harem Pants by Sofilantjes in One Thimble 13). In the newest One Thimble, issue 17 I sewed the Big Day Out Jacket by Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns
The Big Day Out Jacket is a denim jacket. My version looks like a denim jacket but actually I sewed the jacket from french terry and sweat fabrics with a denim look. With this jacket you can go all out! You can add embellishments, use different types of fabrics or different colours. It really is a garment you can go all out!
I love the jacket! I have sewed an Ainslee Fox Boutique pattern before when I sewed the wedding dress for our eldest girl: the Azure Party Dress. These patterns are just perfect! The finishing is great and with these patterns you can go all the way for an over the top party outfit, however you can easily tone it down a bit (we like party outfits for regular wear) and use them for any type of outfit. Again I loved using my Coverlock, the stitching is just so nice and it perfectly finishes the jacket.
Fabric: The glitter fabric, if you can see which one it is, is a thick sweat fabric, which I bought at Cares Stoffen. The two types of denim looking fabrics are french terry. The fabric I used for the sleeves comes from Babarum, which visited us during our sewing weekend. The flower fabric is a cotton, this was a fabric from someone else, it was quite big as you will see another garment with this fabric soon. So I tried all different fabrics and it works great together.
PatternBig Day Out Jacket by Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns.

For more inspiration and patterns from One Thimble have a look at the other blogs:







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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A new favourite (uptown/downtown) dress for our girl!

During the summer our girl had one favourite dress which she wore non-stop. During our holiday in Indonesia, she basically almost only wore this maxi dress. The only moment she did not wear it was when it was in the laundry. With the colder weather arriving, it was time for a new dress with a less summer feel. 
During our sewing weekend I sewed a new long dress for our girl. I looked for a maxi dress with long sleeves and the Uptown/Downtown Dress form Sew Straight and Gather was the perfect option. The love the lines of the pattern and the fit. I made size 2T for our 4 year old and it fits perfectly. I made the most simple version, no cowl, just simpel hemming and I was done. The only thing I would change for the next dress is make the sleeves a bit wider. The fit is snug at the moment, not that our girl minds, but a bit wider sleeves would be better I feel.
This was my quickest project during our sewing weekend. I traced the pattern, cut the fabric and sewed the dress within an hour. Even though it was a quick sew it was the biggest hit when I returned from our weekend. Again she has been wearing it non-stop (excluding the moments when she cannot wear it). So there will be more for sure!
Fabric: jersey from Megastoffen
PatternUptown/Downtown Dress from Sew Straight and Gather

Sunday, 5 November 2017

LOL Swing Top in Indonesia

This new LOL Swing Top* by Jennuine Design has already seen many different places. I sewed the Swing Top during our holiday in Italy in the summer. And I made the pictures during our holiday in Indonesia. We love this top for summer weather!
I like the look of the wide bottom of the Swing Top, it is so nice and flowy. Officially, it is a top and not a dress. The length of the top is supposed to be at her hip. When I finished sewing the top I did not like the length of the top on our girl. I think I should have chosen a longer length. I found it too short to be a top. So I decided to add a rectangular piece of fabric to the bottom. The bottom of the top is already quite wide and I did not want to add more width to the bottom so I just added a piece of fabric with the same width of the bottom of the top. I played a little bit with the stripes and put the stripes in a different direction, I really love the result. The piece of fabric that I added turned out a bit shorter than it was supposed to be so I added a piece of fabric in a different color. Also this time I really like how it turned out.

What I really like from the Jennuine Design patterns is the size range. They usually start at new born size and go up to 12 years! Especially since our youngest is quite small and narrow for her age, I need small sizes for her clothing. This time I made size 9-12M for our almost two year old. It is not the first Jennuine Design pattern that I have made. In the very first post of this blog I made the Divided Dress for our youngest, also a big hit which she wore a lot. 
For the photos we were at Lovina Beach in Bali and it was the perfect moment to take pictures. The weather was great and our youngest was just looking around at the people around us. Sometimes I wish I had such great locations and moment to make photos. Especially with the colder weather at home it becomes more difficult to take pictures outside.
Fabric: jersey bought at my local fabric warehouse in Italy (all three jersey fabrics)
Pattern: Swing Top by Jennuine Design

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Another Sew Naaiz weekend!

It has been a bit quiet at the blog the last couple of weeks. We were on holiday for a couple of weeks and then it was time for our eldest to start school. We are all busy with getting used to the new rhythm. So not much sewing during the last couple of weeks.
But then last weekend started and I could catch up. Last week it was time for another sewing weekend. I am always looking forward to these weekends, a whole weekend of non-stop sewing! It is the best opportunity to catch up on all my sewing ideas. Especially during our holidays I have many many different projects in my head that I would like to make. During a sewing weekend I can try to make all the projects that I have imagined. 
It was another great weekend with 22 ladies. This time we went to a different location from the location in the beginning of this year. It was a beautiful location, although Miranda (from Inspinration) and me did not see much of it. On Saturday we sewed for almost 18 hours. We were the first to start in the morning and one of the last ones to go to bed (at a pretty decent hour at midnight). We were lucky that we even had an extra hour due to the start of the wintertime. I am already looking forward to the next sewing weekend in February!
This time I sewed one of my highest number of items during one weekend. Last sewing weekend I had more complex projects (I sewed the try out outfits of our kids for our wedding, see the outfit for our eldest and our youngest girl). This time I chose easier projects and sewed 7 items in total, something for everybody in our household (myself excluded), to keep everybody happy ;). In the coming weeks you will see all projects on the blog.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Brasov Wrap Top by Itch to Stitch

I love the patterns by Itch to Stitch because the patterns are those staple patterns you just need in your wardrobe and because the fit of the patterns is spot on! I was very happy when I was selected to be a tester for the Brasov Wrap Top*.
The Brasov wrap top is a really modest top, perfect for fall. Although already a couple of the other testers also made it with short sleeves. So you can use it for any type of weather. I would wear the top at home but I can also wear it to work, an added bonus. I like the cross over part at the bottom of the top. I again used my coverlock with two different colours to finish the hem.
Sewing the top is a bit of a precise work with the pleats. The end result looks so professional. An important part for this top is the type of fabric. Depending of the drape of the fabric the look of the top changes.
Fabric: petrol jersey, no idea where I bought it
Pattern: Brasov wrap top by Itch to Stich

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Monday, 28 August 2017

#118 Autumn dress by Thread Faction Studio

The #118 Autumn Dress* from Thread Faction Studio is here! Patterns from Thread Faction Studio are clean and classic patterns. The #118 Autumn Dress is a dress with ¾ sleeves and a higher waistline. 
The gathered waistline is sewed with clear elastic. This was a first for me. This video was suggested in the test group and it has a perfect tip: leave a long thread at the beginning of the fabric so you can pull the fabric from the back. I can definitely recommend this video if you are sewing with clear elastic.
I sewed two dresses during testing, however after the first version the dress has changed quite a bit. The final dress is the green dress. The red dress was the first version of the pattern. As you can see one of the changes was the length of the dress. The first dress was quite short, but can still be worn with leggings underneath.
What I like about the pattern is the clear finish of the neckline. In the pattern you wrap the binding around the edge of the neckline, so no seams on the inside of the dress. If you buy the pattern before Sunday evening August 3rd you get pattern #103 High Waisted Shorties for free.
These dresses were perfect to try out my new coverlock! It is just perfect! The neckline with the coverlock looks so much more professional and is easier than with a twin needle.
Fabric: Red fabric with triangles comes from Megastoffen and the green fabric was a coupon at Cares Stoffen.
Pattern: #118 Autumn Dress from Thread Faction Studio

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Friday, 25 August 2017

Free Sideswipeskirt - Duck Butt Designs

Sometimes you have these designers, which patterns you just love! Duck Butt Designs is one of those designers for me. I just love all of their color blocking! I have applied for every test they had the last couple of months. And last week I was chosen to be a tester. I was over the moon to test for Duck Butt Designs!
The skirt that was being tested was the Sideswipe Skirt (3M-12Y), which is part of the other Sideswipe patterns. Only this pattern is for free, for one week only! Join the DBD Facebook group for the code. The Sideswipe patterns have the look of colorblocking but do not have any extra seams than regular patterns. It is such an innovative idea! I really like it! 
It is an asymmetrical design with only one pocket on one side. I really like clothing that can pull of asymmetry. This skirt is just perfect and fits very well, even over a cloth diaper. The great part of the skirt is that you can make it in knit/jersey or in woven. 
I tested the 9M skirt for our almost 2 year old. It is an such a quick and easy sew and it has pockets! Even our youngest starts looking for pockets when she has new clothes on. You can choose between a yoga, fold over or elastic waistband and there are two different lengths of the skirt. I made the yoga waistband and the longer skirt. So our youngest can wear it during all of winter. I made a 9M with a 18M length.

Fabric: Poppy Flower by Lillestoff and some leftovers from other projects
Pattern: Join the DBD Facebook group to get the Sideswipe Skirt by Duck Butt Designs for free, for one week only!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Color block Nina skirt for me!

You probably would not know that I really like the patterns by Compagnie-M. I have sewn al lot of patterns by Compagnie-M, but I have sewn them before I started by blog. You can see them on my instagram account: the Louisa dress, the Charles pants, the Lotta dress, the Lila Jumpsuit and the Noa pants. The Nore dress that I made recently for my daughter was the first Compagnie-M pattern on this blog. I almost never sew a pattern twice, however, Compagnie-M patterns are one of the few exceptions. I have sewn several Julia sweaters, both for my girls as for myself
In this post I want to show you the Nina skirt* that I sewed for myself. I wanted a skirt that was light and breezy.
During our sewing weekend we were gifted the paper pattern of the Nina skirt and Culottes by Compagnie-M. It is a very versatile pattern, you can make a skirt or culottes. I adapted the pattern a bit. I cut the front piece of the skirt in two pieces to add a bit of color blocking. Well it is still the same fabric, but I like the effect. I also added a piece of fabric between the waistband and the skirt. It is piping, but then without the yarn. I also flared the sides of the skirt out a bit more. Because of the light and flowy fabric I thought that would be nice. 
The fabric comes from Ikea and is very thin. Perfect for warm weather, such as in Italy where I sewed the skirt, as well as for Indonesia, where we will be going in a couple of weeks! It is so thin that it was a bit see-through by itself. Therefore I lined the skirt (which is included in the pattern). The inner skirt is a bit longer than the outer skirt. I could have shortened the inner skirt, but again I liked the effect.
Fabric: fabric from Ikea
Pattern: Nina skirt by Compagnie-M

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A split back Nore dress

I loved the Nore Dress* from Compagnie-M when it came out and I bought it right away. Of course I made the version with the most color blocking options. I used different fabrics for the side panels and I made the split back option. 
The fabric with the girls comes from Stef's Stoffen, a fabric store right across my sewing machine dealer. This is great for a sewing related trip. I bought the fabric because I found the girls cute and I knew that our daughter would love it. When I had it at home I found it difficult to combine with other fabrics. Until I found the perfect combination.

The nosh fabric with the feathers is a piece of fabric that I won during the fashion week from Made-It Patterns in 2015. I also won some other fabric that I already used in other projects.
I sewed the Nore Dress during one of our sewing days. One of my best friends, Miranda from Inspinration, and I have been doing this for a couple of years already. We come together 2 or 3 times a year, together with our moms, who also sew, and another sewing friend to have a fun day of talking and sewing. The last time it was maybe more talking than sewing, but still I managed to sew the Nore Dress.
I wanted to add some fabric with stripes to the left side of the dress, but I did not have any fabric with stripes that matched the dress. Miranda (from inspinration) came to the rescue, she had some left over from the Nore dress she made for the release of the pattern.
The pattern (1Y - 10Y) starts off with a bit of a challenge with the pockets, but after that I was done quickly.
Pattern: Nore Dress by Compagnie-M
Fabric: Sulka Coral from Nosh fabric, Meisjes print from Stenzo and left over fabric from Miranda

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!
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