Saturday, 26 May 2018

Foras Ice cream dress

With these ice creams you immediately think of summer right?! At least I do. When I saw this fabric I knew our girl would love the fabric and the dress that would be made from it.
This time I wasn't selected during the testing period for the Foras Dress* so instead I just bought it right away when it came out. I knew it would be another great hit from Sofilantjes. What is great about the Foras dress is the dropped waist. It gives a different silhouette and when you add a circle skirt, like I did, you do not need as much fabric as you would for a regular circle skirt. 
Another eye catcher are the side panels, which are also pockets. Of course you need pockets when sewing a dress like this. I love the visual effect of these side panels. Once you buy the Foras Dress you can use for a very long time as the size range goes from 12M to 14Y. 
When our girl saw the dress, she liked the ice creams of course, but when she put it on, she fell in love with it. That twirl! That wins over every girl (at least in our household). I think more Foras dresses will follow, also with long sleeves, which are perfect for cooler weather (until a new pattern is released by Sofilantjes and we just have to buy that one ;). Since I made the neckband from jersey I added some extra length, however it was not enough so I added another piece of fabric. I used a different color, which works perfect for our girl and my husband to know what the back of the dress is when putting it on.
Fabric: Ice cream from Megan Blue from and Yellow Zebra skin from Megan Blue both from Stoffenstraat
Pattern: Foras dress by Sofilantjes

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 2 out (2018: bought 18 - used 22 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 3 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 18 in 26 out 

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Challenging maternity sewing: Amber top

My first maternity project! During my previous pregnancies I was already sewing but since I did not sew too much for myself I also did not sew any maternity clothing. This time I decided to buy a couple of maternity patterns so that I would be able to create various sets of clothing. The first pattern that was already on my maternity sewing list for a long time is the Amber Nursing and Maternity top and dress from Megan Nielsen Patterns.
The pattern includes a top and a dress, short sleeves and 3/4 sleeves. I especially like the pleating on the frontside of the belly. It is an unique aspect of this maternity pattern I think and I really like the looks of it. An extra bonus is the modesty panel as it is called. It makes that the top can also be used for nursing. I like that it indeed makes a modest t-shirt, which I can wear to work. At the moment I am 26 weeks pregnant, so I have still some time to wear it.
Adaptations I made: This project was a challenging one for me. I am not sure whether it is my maternity brain or whether is was just bad luck. It started when I traced the pattern. I measured myself and I was in between two sizes. Because the pattern has an seam allowance of 1,5 cm I though it would be best to trace the smaller of the two sizes and sew with a smaller seam allowance. Luckily when I was cutting my pattern pieces I decided to see if the size would be ok, and it turned out to be very tight! I already cut the back pieces (I had a coupon of only 1 meter and of course I didn't want the fabric to go to waste) and thus decided to cut the front pieces one size bigger and sew with a seam allowance of 6 mm (the width of my serger).
The next step that gave me problems were those great looking pleats. Sewing the pleats was not a problem, but when I was finished with the pleats I saw I sewed the pleats on the right in the same direction as the pleats on the left side (they should both be sewed towards the side seam). I decided to unpick the pleats on one side a sew them to the right side, I am happy that I did, it looks much better this way (of course)!
Before I sewed the sleeves in I tried it on and decided to take off about 1,5 cm from the top bodice pattern pieces as well as the modesty panel. I have made this change to quite a few maternity patterns lately. Maybe it is my bust size, but I find that these cross over tops quickly get a baggy feel.
For the sleeves I decided to not hem them and just let them be. They tend to roll up a bit, I like the look of it.
Fabric: the cranes are a coupon from Caresstoffen and the green fabric comes from my outlet fabric store in Italy.
Pattern: Amber nursing and maternity top and dress by Megan Nielsen

Fabric in 2018: this week 1 in - 2 out (2018: bought 18 - used 20 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 3 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 18 in 24 out 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A v-neck t-shirt for the husband (SVDHZ 3)

The husband is always the one who gets the fewest home sewn garments. Although I always have plans for projects for him, and they are done very quickly, he is always the last one in line. With the kids I always feel they need certain garments because they have outgrown their dresses, t-shirts or tops. With the husband I never feel he really needs any new clothing, and therefore he has to wait until other projects are finished.
When I bought the book Stof voor durf-het-zelvers 3, I immediately liked the men's sweater in the book and thought it would be perfect for him. It is actually a very quick project, well the sewing is very quick. I was really struggling with tracing the pattern. I traced the pattern pieces, or so I thought, but they looked rather strange and short. It turned out that I traced the sleeves of a different pattern. I am so happy with PDF pattern where you can just print the sizes you need of just one pattern.
Adaptations I made: I made a t-shirt with short sleeves, which is included in the pattern. I lengthened the t-shirt with 5 cm because I left off the band at the bottom of the shirt. I removed 1,5 cm from the sides both sleeves and sides. I cut the neckline a bit wider and made a v-neck in it (instead of the round neckline that is included in the pattern). Instead of the 7 cm prescribed for the height of the neckband I used 5 cm for my neckband from ribbing.
He likes it very much and asked for five more, which I could easily make in a couple of days. But I am afraid it again will take some time before these are finished.
Fabric: tricot with VW buses from stenzo, which I bought at stoffenstraat
Pattern: Men's sweater from the book Stof voor durf-het-zelvers 3

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 1 out (2018: bought 17 - used 19 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 2 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 17 in 22 out 

Sunday, 6 May 2018

A colourblock BeeStyle

I love colour blocking, I think everybody knows that by now. And I love bold colour combinations. This t-shirt is the perfect example of that. I got to know this pattern through her of course (Inspinration). You can see she also made two bold versions of this pattern.
It is a German pattern, BeeStyle, with great colour blocking potential. It has many different options: different hoods, a collar, two different types of pockets (she of course added a pocket), a regular and a tunic length and you can add a thumbhole cuffs. It is the perfect pattern for a sweater but can also be used to sew a t-shirt. Although the instructions are in German every step is accompanied with a photo and since I am a visual person, I mainly needed the photos to sew the t-shirt. I did not have any problems with assembling the pattern.

Our girl loves thumbhole cuffs ever since I sewed this t-shirt. So I added the option to this shirt. I love the way these thumbholes are made, it looked a bit complicated at first, but when I just followed the instructions, all went well. The pattern is available in European sizes 74 (which is for height 74 cm, which is in US sizing 9-12M) until 170 (for 170 cm height, which in US sizing is >14Y).

Fabric: Princess castle by Lillestoff, the pink stripes come from Hoofs in Den Bosch, de orange strips are from my fabric outlet in Italy and the green flowers come from
PatternBeeStyle by BeeKiddi

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 4 out (2018: bought 17 - used 18 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 2 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 17 in 21 out 
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