Saturday, 18 May 2019

Meet Jalie's Nikita

New patterns from Jalie, 12 new patterns! One of my favourites of the 12 patterns is the Nikita (3902). I think it was one of the first patterns that had enough people signing up for this blog tour. It is just an amazing design!
The Nikita has two options, a top and a dress. The top has a straight front side, diagonal side seams and a cutout in the back. The dress has a straight seam, so without the unique triangle cutout in the seam of the top. Of course it still has the diagonal side seams just like the top. You can choose to omit the cutout and have a closed back.
The top part of the top is lined, while the rest of the top is just a single layer. The top is a loose fitting, flowy top and of course comes in a wide size range: 2 - 2XL (92 (kids) - 56 (women) European sizes). It works great as a workout top but also as an unique top on jeans (or a skirt).
I combined the Nikita with the Skating/ dance skirts (3025) from Jalie. This pattern includes 4 different types of skirts. I sewed the fishtail skirt, but also an A-line, circular and asymmetrical skirt are included. The A-line and circular skirts are a very short skirt (in my opinio, but I like knee length skirts), very suitable for skating. When you look at the skirt I sewed in the photo above, the A-line skirt basically only includes the top two pattern pieces of the skirt. The fishtail and asymmetrical skirt include the bottom pattern piece. I finished the fishtail skirt with a rolling hem, which makes the skirt even more flowy. Our daughter loves the skirt, also because it has glitter in it (which are hard to see on the photo).
Fabric: the red fabric is Sulka Coral from Nosh fabric (which I once won during a contest), the white with black triangles was a t-shirt. The skirt is made with the "Let's circle around"  with copper half circles from Chat Chocolat which I bought at Stoffenfeest during a sale. This was a leftover from this t-shirt for myself.
Pattern: Nikita (3902) and Skating/ dance skirts (3025) from Jalie Patterns

# Fabric this week: 10 in - 3 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 36 - used 21 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 2 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 36 in 27 out

# Patterns in 2019: 9 in - 9 out (2 new patterns, 7 already owned unused patterns)

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Fairy Princess dress by Made by Runi

It has been quiet on my blog the last couple of weeks. It was not that I have not been sewing, actually I sewed a lot before we went on holiday. I wanted to finish certain pieces before we went on holiday. So most of my spare time was spent on sewing and not so much on blogging. Then we went on holidays for two weeks. Now I have to get back into my sewing mojo. I still have several pieces I have not blogged about, the first one is the Fairy Princess Dress by Made by Runi.
I sewed the Fairy Princess Dress during our sewing weekend. I bought the fabric at the stoffenstraat, on our way to the sewing weekend. I just love the sea animals and the print. But I did not have the best combination of fabric, but luckily she had the perfect match in her stash. That is always the best part about going on a sewing weekend. If you are stuck because you are short on something or you cannot find a good combination in your own stash (which seems impossible with sooooo many pieces of fabric, but still it happens), there is always somebody who can help you out. Either with advice or sometimes a piece of fabric.
After the dress was finished I wonder whether it is too pyjama like. I still don't know what I think about it. What do you think? So for now I am steering away from light blue colours. 
I bought the pattern of the Fairy Princess dress because I love the high low effect of the dress and expected that my girl would love that as well. At first she wasn't that convinced about the dress. She wants her dresses to be as long as possible, and she finds it a pity that the outer skirt is low on the front, she would have preferred it to be long. After wearing it became one of her favourite dresses at the moment. Mission completed!
The dress comes in sizes 12M to 14Y (80-164 european sizes). I used the add on for the fairy princess for the sleeves. There is also a fairy hood that you can add to the dress. For the seam I used my coverlock and used the decorative stitch for both skirts, I love the result. I am still so happy with my coverlock.

Fabric: Sea animals, which they do not seem to sell on their website, from the Stoffenstraat
Pattern: Fairy Princess Dress with add on from Made by Runi

# Fabric this week: 3 in - 2 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 26 - used 18 fabric - used 4 gifted fabric - used 2 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 26 in 24 out

# Patterns in 2019: 9 in - 9 out (2 new patterns, 7 already owned unused patterns)

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Advena for babies and girls by Sofilantjes

Another new pattern by Sofilantjes*, and it is a great new one! I love colour blocking and the Advena top,tunic and dress has a lovely colour block on the sides.
I sewed a dress for our middle daughter and a top for our youngest. Then there is also the option of a tunic (for the girls' advena size 80-164). First I'll show you the top I made for our youngest. It is a great unisex pattern, so suitable for everybody!
The pattern has 3 different necklines, a round neckline, an enveloppe neckline and an asymmetrical neckline which combines the round neckline with the enveloppe neckline. On the top I made the asymmetrical neckline. It is a bit more challenging neckline. But I love the asymmetrical neckline. At least you don't have the problem that both sides need to look exactly the same! I made the round neckline on the dress for our eldest.
Then on to the dress for our middle daughter. It has a gathered front and back. The pattern offers great options for scrap busting, those sides are so cute! And great for combining two fabrics, which I love to do! Of course there are multiple sleeve option as you are used to with Sofilantjes. I sewed this dress during the pre-test, there were slight changes to the pattern in the final pattern.
The Advena is available in a very broad size range, starting at 50 (NB) on to 164 (14Y). The baby pattern includes the sizes 50 to 86 and the regular pattern starts at size 80 up to 164. I love the pattern, it a quick sew (depending on the neckline you sew, the round neckline is definitely the quickest) and I love the colour block option! Both the top and dress are a great addition to our wardrobe!
The pattern is on sale from April 11 08.00 CET and ends April 15 8.00 CET. During these days the Advena for babies (size 50-86) will only cost €3,50- ex taxes (4,24 incl EU taxes) after sale it will cost €5,55 excl. taxes, no code needed. The Advena (80-164) will only cost €5,37- ex taxes (6.50 incl EU taxes) after sale it will cost €7.85 excl. taxes, no code needed.
Fabric: the fox fabric is a leftover from her, the mint fabric was a leftover from this project.
Pattern: Baby advena top and dress (Nederlands patroon) by Sofilantjes
Advena top, tunic and dress (Nederlands patroon) by Sofilantjes

# Fabric this week: 3 in - 4 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 23 - used 17 fabric - used 3 gifted fabric - used 2 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 23 in 22 out
# Patterns in 2019: 8 in - 8 out (2 new patterns, 6 already owned unused patterns)

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!
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