Sunday, 29 April 2018

A colourful Amelia dress by BSD

You might actually think that we only have one girl in our household, but we have another one jumping around. And she is starting to look more and more like her older sister when it comes to clothing. She is already picking out her own clothing and has a clear preference for dresses.
It all started with the new dress for her: the Amelia dress* by Bella Sunshine Designs. Since our youngest is a petite little girl she usually doesn't fit in the patterns that start at 1 year or 2 years, which means that most of the time I sew for our eldest girl. This time it was time for a dress for our youngest girl. That is the great advantage of BSD patterns, they start at 6M and our girl actually fits the sizing chart!
Once our girl saw the dress she fell in love with it and of course, as our eldest daughter would do, starts twirling the dress and showing it to everybody else. She must feel that is the way to go with dresses, show to others how pretty it is by twirling around.
The Amelia dress is a beautiful pattern and is a hit at our house, just like the others I sewed from BSD (Sahara dressEmmaline maxi dress). It is quite an easy sew, although I sewed this piece during the last hours of our sewing weekend, which meant I wanted to finish the dress before we were going home. This resulted in me sewing the wrong upper body pieces to each other. When you have 4 times the same pattern piece (although two are mirrored), I didn't pay too much attention to which pattern should be attached to which pattern piece. So in the end I had to redo it during the last minutes of our sewing weekend.

Top part of the dress - from my own stash, once bought at a long, long time ago
Skirt part of the dress - from textielstad

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in - 3 out (2018: bought 6 - used 13 fabric - used 1 gifted fabric - used 3 scrap pieces of fabric) - in total 6 in 17 out

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